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Where Australia Collides with Asia

Where Australia Collides with Asia
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Where Australia Collides with Asia

Ian Burnet

The Epic Voyages of Joseph Banks, Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace and the Origin of On the Origin of Species

This book begins by exploring the voyage of Continent Australia after it breaks away from Antarctica 50 million years ago with its raft of Gondwanaland flora and fauna and begins its journey north towards the equator. It continues by examining the voyages of three renowned botanists whose research and ideas led to the prevailing theory of evolution:

The voyage of Joseph Banks on the Endeavour who with Daniel Solander became the first trained naturalists to describe the unique flora and fauna of Continent Australia that had evolved during its 30 million years of isolation.

The voyage of Charles Darwin on the Beagle, who after his observations in South America and the Galapagos Islands, sat on the banks of the Coxs River in New South Wales and tried to rationalize his belief in the idea of biblical creation and understand the origin of species.

The voyage of Alfred Russel Wallace, who realized that the Lombok Strait in Indonesia represents the biogeographical boundary between the fauna of Asia and those of Australasia. On the Asian side are elephants, tigers, primates and specific birds. On the Australasian side are marsupials such as the possum-like cuscus and the Aru wallaby, as well as birds specific to Australia such as white cockatoos, brush turkeys and the spectacular Birds of Paradise. It was tectonic plate movement that brought these disparate worlds together and it was Alfred Russel Wallace's 'Letter from Ternate' that forced Charles Darwin to finally publish his landmark work On the Origin of Species.



Size: 24 x 18 x 1.3 cm, 208 pp, 100 plates, 561 gm

Language: English

Ian Burnet has spent some 30 years living, working and travelling in Indonesia and is fascinated by the diverse history and culture of the archipelago. His passion is reflected in his highly informative and well-researched books, Spice Islands; East Indies;Archipelago - A Journey Across Indonesia; and this, his latest, Where Australia Collides with Asia.

Genre: Non Fiction
Paperback, colour throughout

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